Country Singer Upset Responder Benefit Song Pulled Off Air


A country music legend was out in Nashville Thursday fighting for funding he said emergency workers need and deserve. Ronnie Milsap said one of his songs designed to raise funds of first responders is being pulled off the airwaves.

Video: Ronnie Milsap Unhappy Song Pulled From Radio

"When I heard that their funds were so low (I thought), 'What can I do to help?'" he said.

The fund he's talking about gives financial help to officers, firefighters and their families who get hit hard by disasters such as floods, tornadoes and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Milsap recorded the duet "My First Ride" with Trace Adkins to raise money for the fund.

"They're all going to sell these CDs, their families will sell them, you know, their friends will sell them and this is the way to bring their fund back up," Milsap said.

But now Milsap and independent record label Bleve Entertainment claim Capitol Records has put a cease-and-desist order against playing the song on the radio. Trace Adkins is a Capitol Records artist. The song was recorded on an independent label.

"I love those guys over at Capitol Nashville here in town and EMI, but they just need to know that this money is all for the firefighters, for the police officers, for their relief fund. It's nothing about anything else," Milsap said.

Capitol Records told Channel 4 the company had no comment.

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