Fla. FFs Say Station Making Them Sick

ORLANDO, Fla. --


Firefighters in Orlando say their firehouse is making them sick. As a result, the city is considering spending millions to tear the old building down.

Firefighters have complained about possible mold issues at station number 9 on Mercy Drive, since 2000.

The city has spent at least $100,000 on studies and even more to fix the problems at the firehouse. However, the firefighters are still getting sick and now one has filed an "intent to sue."

"Most have a variety of respiratory problems once they've been there for any period of time. Some of them, as they've left and have gone to another station or have left the service have slowly gotten better," attorney Paul Kelly said.

Even though the city says the latest tests show the building is safe, it's still planning to spend $4 million to build a new firehouse at the location.

The city says it's because the building is old and not because of mold issues.


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