Ga. Firefighters Rescue Dog In Well


DeKalb County firefighters spent almost two hours rescuing a two-year-old lab mix named Cooper. The 45-pound pooch crawled under his owner's house and fell 15-feet into an old, abandoned well hidden under the house.

A firefighter donned in full protective gear and a breathing apparatus, was lowered into the hole.

"He jumped on me and that's what scared me more than anything, but we became friends for the short period of time we were down in the hole," said Dekalb County firefighter Ken Renalli.

"Cooper was probably a little bit scared and didn't know what was exactly going on. Any sight of a human being was probably pretty happy to see. He was hoping he can jump on him and get the heck out of there," said Cooper's owner Bobby Conway.

Miraculously, Cooper came out of the well unscathed. But just to be safe, Conway took him to the vet where he received a clean bill of health.

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