Fla. Firefighter Climbs Into Sewer Drain To Rescue Dog


Firefighters rescued a dog that fell into a sewer drain Monday afternoon after it was hit by a car.

A vehicle hit the dog, a female miniature pinscher, near U.S. 441 and 196th Street in Miami Gardens. The dog fell into a nearby drain.

Witness Angela Donawa called 911 to report that the dog was trapped in the drain.

"They have no respect for animals. They have no respect for children. They have no respect for anything. They hit you and just keep going," Donawa said.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue went to the scene. A firefighter climbed into the gutter and rescued the dog.

"They were wonderful, and they responded 1, 2, 3," Donawa said.

Donawa then took the animal, which suffered cuts to the head, to the Hollywood Animal Hospital. The dog was in critical but stable condition Monday afternoon.

Donawa said she hopes this is a reminder for drivers to pay attention.

"They need to slow down and stop using the cell phones because they pay no attention to anyone," Donawa said.

The firefighters involved in the rescue said the rescue was all in a day's work.

"You just got to do what you've got to do. We do what we can," said a Miami-Dade firefighter.

Veterinarians were trying to get in touch with the dog's owner.

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