S.C. Fire Trucks Shot, Not Useable


Someone shot the Glenn Springs-Pauline Fire Station No. 2.

The shooting happened sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning at the station on Blackstock Road.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but has no leads. The fire chief hopes going public about the crime will encourage someone to come forward and identify the shooter.

"Don't know why somebody would've done this to us," Chief Brent Peeler told WYFF News4's Mike McCormick.

The shooter fired two shots, hitting the center of two bay doors on the front of the building.

The bullet went through the doors and into the trucks behind them.

"It almost appears they picked the bay they wanted to shoot and placed the bullet exactly where they wanted it to go," said Peeler. "Right through the radiators and cause a lot of mechanical damage."

Now, two of the station's three trucks are out of service. One is the department's only tanker truck.

"We located the bullets laying underneath one of our, tanker 21, which is our newest truck we just purchased," Peeler said.

The fire chief said the tanker is necessary because of the water system in that area. There are not a lot of water lines or hydrants available.

The other truck hit carries equipment to emergencies.

"That truck is most definitely needed on all structure fires," said Peeler.

The fire chief said the only working truck at the station can be used as a shuttle for water, but it's usually tied up in an actual fire fight.

The department does have another station a few miles away, but that doesn't help the people living closest to the damaged station.

"It lessens our ability to give the best fire protection we can possibly provide," said Peeler. "It puts my house at risk."

Just in case, the fire chief called neighboring stations and asked them to be on stand-by should his department need help.

"Everybody's just doing the best job we can until we get these trucks back to 100 percent," said Peeler.

Anyone with information about the shooter is asked to call the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office.

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