Boston Firefighters, EMTs Overcome in Building

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Seven people reported getting nauseous and breaking out in a rash Tuesday after entering an abandoned building in South Boston, according to Boston fire officials.

Four firefighters, two EMTs and one building inspector reported becoming sick after entering the one-story brick warehouse at 354 West Second St. Tuesday at about 10 a.m.

"Right now, they are being evaluated to see what is wrong with them. They are also being decontaminated because we don't know what may be in that building," said Steve MacDonald, of the Boston Fire Department.

They have been taken to Boston Medical Center.

It is unclear what was in the building that may have made the people sick. Officials were called to the abandoned building at Dresser and E streets in South Boston after a report of illegal dumping.

"Yesterday, a neighbor reported seeing a truck back into the building and was dumping something," MacDonald said.

Hazmat crews will be sent in Tuesday afternoon to try to determine what is in the building.

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