Tennessee Firefighters Sue City for Millions


Clarksville firefighters are fighting back against the city, and it could add up to millions of dollars.

The Firefighters Association filed a suit with 64 complaints, including unlawful retaliation, violations of due process and the infliction of emotional distress. The association wants $3 million in compensation.

It takes fault with Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper, claiming he threatened them for supporting his political opponent.

Firefighters are also accusing Piper and several other city officials of using false accusations to fire two officers. Additionally, they say Piper illegally rehired Deputy Fire Chief John Stanley, who resigned after facing allegations of misconduct.

Defense attorney Tim Harvey predicted that most of the claims will never make it to court.

The city's attorney filed a motion to have all of the claims dismissed. That hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 7.

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