Explosion, Fire Destroy Oklahoma Home


An explosion and fire destroyed an Oklahoma City home on Wednesday.

Nobody was injured in the blaze on Hazel Avenue near Southeast 44th Street and Hiwassee. The house was brand new, and it was neighbors who reported it.

Firefighters said the house fire was in a remote location, and it took a few minutes to get there. By the time they arrived, flames were ripping through the roof.

"The homeowner wasn't home. The fire got a good head start on us, and we could see columns of smoke from far away," said Oklahoma City Fire Department Maj. Robert Mitchell.

Neighbors said they also heard a loud explosion.

"It sounded like a propane tank. He's got a bunch of them in his garage, and that's what caused the fire, I think," said Michelle Tubby.

Investigators were at the scene Wednesday evening trying to determine what caused the blaze.

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