Chemical Fire Hospitalizes Two Miami Firefighters


Two Miami firefighters were treated for possible heat exhaustion after a hazardous materials investigation at a warehouse Monday morning.

The blaze began as a car fire near 72nd Street and Northwest First Avenue. The flames jumped to a nearby storage container.

Miami firefighters who went to battle the flames were concerned because the smoke was yellow, indicating that a chemical was burning. Firefighters said they believe the chemicals were chlorine mixed with battery acid.

Officials moved some children who were inside a nearby school as a precaution.

"We had about 15 kids, that are probably of the ages from 6 to maybe 10, that were relocated to the north part of the school. They are safe right now and isolated while we try to contain this fire," said Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue.

The heat of the day, combined with the heavy protective clothing firefighters wear as well as the high temperatures generated by the blaze itself, probably contributed to the possible heat exhaustion of two firefighters. One was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, while the other was treated at the scene. Both are expected to recover.

Firefighters have contained the fire and said it is no longer a threat to the community.

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