Fire Destroys Houston Warehouse

KATY, Texas --

More than three dozen firefighters struggled with Houston's heat for hours as an afternoon fire destroyed a warehouse, KPRC Local 2 news reported Monday.

The fire broke out at about 1:30 p.m. at the K-T Bolt Manufacturing Co. complex, located at 1150 Katy Fort Bend Road.

It continued to burn out of control for more than an hour as fire crews from four different departments wore full protective gear and carried air bottles and other gear.

Orange flames swirled inside the metal building before the metal started buckling under the intense heat. The metal looked like crumpled paper as the fire grew inside and then punched through the roof.

A manager at K-T Bolt Manufacturing, who asked not to be identified, said only clothing and uniforms were being stored in the building. Another worker said two people who were renting the warehouse were inside at the time.

They escaped, along with more than 40 other K-T Bolt workers who were inside two neighboring metal buildings.

The manufacturing part of the complex was not affected, according to fire officials.

Firefighters were seen emerging from the area near the building, peeling off their protective gear and then dousing themselves with water. Volunteers carted bottles of drinking water to the crews as the fire burned nearby.

Several ambulances responded and stretchers were loaded and ready, but no injuries were reported.

The warehouse was destroyed, so fire teams aimed aerial streams of water on the neighboring structure, which was 12 feet away. They were able to keep the flames from jumping to that building.

Firefighters said the heat was a constant issue, but they also battled low water pressure due to a rural water supply and only a couple of nearby hydrants.

A black pillar of smoke was visible for miles, and one off-duty Houston firefighter said his lights flickered at his nearby home when the flames erupted.

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