Postal Workers Save Michigan Man from Fire

WESTLAND, Mich. --

A local postal worker came across a house in flames as she was delivering mail.

Lori Boljesic has made mail deliveries on the 2900 block of Clayton Avenue in Westland for years. She knows many of the residents by name.

She received a call from a co-worker on a nearby route.

"My friend Sharon called and asked if I saw a house on fire, which I hadn't. She saw the smoke billowing out of the house," said Boljesic.

Boljesic and her friend went inside the home on fire and began opening windows for the pets inside. They said they did not know there was a young man inside sleeping.

"We opened the window and he popped his head out and I remembered his name and I told him, 'Brandon, your house is on fire. Get out,'" said Boljesic.

Brandon Champion, who was inside the burning home, said, "I don't know what would have happened. I would have died because my room was filled with smoke. I couldn't even see in from of me."

Fire investigators said lint from the dryer connection started the blaze.

Brandon's mother threw in a load before heading to the store. She's thankful for this special delivery.

"They're my heroes. They saved my son's life. He wouldn't be here right now," said Anita Sudia.

No one was injured, but the family lost everything and didn't have renter's insurance.

The Westland post office is accepting donations to help the family.

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