Massachusetts Firefighter Hurt in Fall

NEWTON, Mass. --

Newton firefighters were called to the scene of a two-family house fire in the Nonantum section of the city early Thursday where several family members were hurt and a fireman was rescued after falling through two stories of the burning dwelling.

Neighbors at the scene said a mother and son who lived there were seriously injured in the blaze at Los Angeles Street, which began before 6 a.m. Earlier reports located the fire at Allison street.

"They were already out, but the older brother kept going closer to the fire and he looked like he didn't know what was going on at the time. So, I was just trying to get him away from the fire, because I saw that he had burns ... I think he was looking for his mother at that time and his mother hadn't gotten out yet," Nabila Mayanja said.

The extent of the injuries were not immediately clear, but Mayaja said they looked serious.

"His skin was like, peeled off, he was shaking and everything," Mayaja said.

She said she soaked a towel in water and wrapped it around the boy's burns as neighbors tried to get the family away from the burning house, fearful that it might explode. She said the family told her there had been some electrical problems at the house.

No identities have been released. The mother, son and the firefighter were all conscious and taken to the hospital.

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