Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Saves New Mexico Apartment


A properly installed and properly functioning fire sprinkler system limited damages to an apartment during a Monday fire that could have caused much greater damage, said police.

On Monday the Las Cruces Fire Department was dispatched to 930 East Boutz Road where a fire was reported at a multi-story apartment complex. When firefighters arrived at the scene they found the fire was in the kitchen in one of the apartments.

Investigators determined the fire began when the apartment's occupant left hot grease unattended in a pan. The occupant returned to the kitchen and found that the grease had ignited.

The apartment was equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system. The grease fire activated the sprinkler system and extinguished the flames within minutes.

"Automatic fire protection systems are the way to go," said Las Cruces Fire investigator Eric Enriquez. "Yesterday's incident proved that in order to truly protect our homes, and our lives, fire sprinkler systems are well worth the cost of installing them."

No injuries were reported and minimal fire and smoke damage resulted due to the fast-acting sprinkler system.

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