North Carolina Cameras Capture House Fire Re-Ignite


A Channel 9 camera was the only one on the scene along Mitchell Street in East Spencer as firefighters arrived at a house for the second time in just hours.

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Firefighter Teon Robinson spent most of the night fighting the first fire then came back several hours later just before 10 a.m. Tuesday morning when, somehow, the blaze reignited.

"The fire was getting a little stubborn and wanted to stay in the attic. From three points they had to reach to get to the fire."

Robinson said the cause of the second fire appears to be suspicious.

Within minutes smoke was billowing out of the house and fire spread through the living room and out the roof.

When firefighters arrived they doused the flames with water.

Tim Barone handles insurance claims and was here to talk to the owner when he heard crackling and saw the flames.

"I just knew I needed to call 911 really to prevent any further damage and just for safety."

And now fire officials have two investigations into the fires, what caused the first one and what caused it to rekindle.

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