Virginia Firefighters Protect School During House Fire

A column of black smoke rolled into the sky at the 8600 block of Perrymont Road and calls began coming into the Emergency Communication Center. Tones sounded the alert for Chesterfield firefighters on Nov. 3 around 3 p.m.

As firefighters sped to the location information was dispatched that a structure located in the deep woods was on fire and was directly adjacent to Perrymont Middle School.

Responding were Engines 3, 14, 1, Medic 3, Medic 17, Truck 3, Truck 14, on mutual aid DCSR Engine 23, TSO, Battalion Chiefs one and two and county police.

First on scene reported the structure fully involved.

Engine 3 took the hydrant at Perrymont and Chester roads. Five inch quick connected snaked its way for about 1,000 feet up Perrymont road, beside the school,down an abandoned driveway to a waiting engine, which had the hand lines running from it to the firefighters in the woods.

The location of the fire made conditions impossible for the aerial ladder to stage close enough for master stream techniques, so the truck staged in the school parking lot on stand by.

Live wires were popping and hissing their warning and crews waited for the power to be cut.

Command gave the signal and a surround and drown was launched.

High weeds, thick brush, briars and scattered trees had to be manuevered around and through.

An aggressive attack soon had the fire marked under control.

Firefighters were able to protect the middle school and nearby neighborhood homes from the fire.

The home was vacant and the fire deemed suspicious. The cause is under investigation.