Memorial Dedication to be Held on Anniversary of Tragic Worcester Blaze

Dec. 3, 2008 will mark the ninth anniversary of the fire at a cold storage warehouse that claimed the lives of six Worcester, Mass. firefighters -- it will also in many ways mark a new beginning for the department.

The decision by the city to purchase the land for the new station, however, was at first a sore spot for some firefighters, but Maloney said time has helped heal some wounds.

Daly agrees with his comrade: "It would have been a travesty to have anything else built there," he said. "For other guys though, it just hurts too much there for them. It's bittersweet I suppose."

Being able to come full circle and honor their fallen brothers on the plot of land where they perish is something Maloney is thankful for. "The fact that we are able to put our own memorial there; it's pretty satisfying."

Dedication and Seminar Details

  • When: Dedication will begin at 5 p.m. on Dec. 3 at the new station built on the site of the fire at 266 Franklin Street, Worcester, Mass.


  • Lodging: The Crowne Plaza Hotel has rooms available for $89 (regular rate is $179). The deadline to receive the discounted rate is Nov. 11.


  • Contact Information: Lieutenant John Daly can be reached by phone at 508-423-4799 and by e-mail at


  • Worcester Fire Department Safety and Survival Seminar

    • The seminar will take place the morning and finish before the dedication.



  • Scheduled speakers

    • Deputy Chief John Tripp, Los Angeles County Fire Department
      Interstate 5 Tunnel Fire

    • FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka
      Leadership in the fire service

    • FDNY Lt. Mickey Conboy
      Residential Search

    • FDNY Captain Mike Dugan
      Venting Today's Fire Buildings