Pennsylvania Crews Rescue Horse from Icy Lake


Neighbors and firefighters used a chainsaw and a power saw to rescue a horse from an icy lake in Wilmington Township, Lawrence County.

Fred Navarra, of Phillips School Road, said the horse fell into the freezing water behind his home at about 3:45 p.m. Sunday.

Some of Navarra's neighbors chopped a channel in the ice and tossed a rope around the horse's neck.

"The ice is pretty thick," Navarra said. "They had the rope on him but couldn't do it."

New Wilmington firefighters arrived and assisted with the rescue.

Rescuers went onto the lake in canoes to drag the horse to land and towel it off.

Fire Chief Gary Wagner said the horse appeared to be OK but it's unclear if the animal would suffer any lasting effects from being in the cold water.

Firefighters were having trouble locating a veterinarian who would come to the area on a Sunday.