9/11 Still Producing FDNY Casualties

Several scarred firefighters fighting to keep their pensions because of failed drug tests.John Schroeder lost everything on 9/11 - and now it's cost him his job as well.As a hose man for Engine Co. 10, Schroeder was one of the first firefighters to...

Those days continually replay in his head.

"One day I'd like to wake up and not know what it's like to have 9/11 hitting me in the face like a Muhammad Ali left hook," he said.

Schroeder noted that he could have retired after 9/11 but stayed on to help train new firefighters.

But Schroeder, whose father was also a firefighter, now regrets that decision.

"It's an embarrassment that I was ever a fireman," he said.

Republished with permission of The New York Post.