Ohio Hazmat Crews Respond to Chemical Spill

SIDNEY, Ohio --

Authorities said firefighters and hazmat crews were called to a chemical spill in Sidney early Monday morning.

The spill happened at The SAIA Motor Freight Line near the Cargill plant there. The spill prompted the road to be shutdown, however it has since reopened.

Hazmat crews were called when the spill happened.

Authorities said a 15-gallon plastic drum was punctured by a forklift on a semi trailer. Dispatchers said the chemical that spilled posed no threat to the public.

According to investigators, the chemical was hyrdogen perioxide and was intended to be used as a cleaner for swimming pools. Officials said there were no injuries and no evacuations.

Cargill is a soybean processing plant. Most of the crews have left the scene. A private company has been called in to take over the clean up efforts.

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