IAFC Releases Fire Ground Communications Report

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Recommendations for more effective communications on the fire ground have been suggested by a committee of the IAFC.

For a little over a year, the Digital Project Working Group has been studying the issue of background noise affecting digital communications.

The task force has issued an interim report on its findings and recommendations. But, there is still a lot of work to be done, said Charlottesville, Va. Chief Charles Werner, chairman.

"We are working closely with NIST, and we are learning interesting things based on their scientific testing," he said. "That work is going to continue."

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration also has been actively involved in the project.

Werner said the group is pleased that various entities have taken a seat at the table.

"We've gotten the fire service, radio manufacturers and fire equipment people involved. The manufacturers understand that the tools have to work together. They have to be in harmony."

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