Maryland Firefighter, Soldier Earns Bronze Star


A member of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department was given the Bronze Star Medal of Valor for his role in saving the life of a girl overseas.

Md. Soldier Gets Bronze Star

Maryland National Guard Staff. Sgt. Matthew Miller played a key role in saving a child and an Iraqi soldier while on his second deployment in Iraq.

Miller, a medic with the 175th infantry of the Maryland National Guard, said during that tour of duty, his unit came across an Iraqi checkpoint that had just been attacked near the town of Sumara.

Miller said he went across a bridge with a scout team and saw a truck speeding toward them with a driver who had blood on his clothes. He said they could hear a woman screaming in the back, and then the driver saw a girl on the road who had been shot.

Miller said he and another comrade rushed to give aid. He said the 6-year-old girl had been shot through the neck, and that she was awake and massively bleeding.

He said that while they were standing there, an Iraqi soldier who had been standing in front of him while he worked to save the girl's life was also shot.

Despite the dire conditions and limited medical equipment, Miller and his team saved the child and the wounded soldier. The medal for his efforts has humbled Miller, but his co-workers at the fire department said they aren't surprised by his bravery.

"Matt puts his life and job on the line for people here every day," said one co-worker.

When speaking of the National Guard, Miller gave credit to his wife and all of the spouses left behind who have to carry the burden.

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