New Hampshire Residents Upset Over Fire Chief's Dismissal


Angry supporters of the East Kingston Fire Department confronted selectmen Thursday night after learning the fire chief's contract was not renewed.

Selectmen said they had disciplinary and performance issues with Chief Alan Mazur. They said one issue was that they wanted him to get more medical training.

But Mazur told his supporters at the fire department he was not sure why he was being told to leave after serving 24 years there, 11 as chief.

According to the fire department, at least half of its 24 members have resigned in protest, and residents are circulating a petition to get their chief back.

"Alan is a good chief. I resigned because of lack of support from the selectmen," firefighter Austin Carter said.

Firefighters argued that they are now being put at risk when they go out on calls because of the lack of manpower and are concerned that aid from neighboring towns is too far away.