Children Escape Florida Fire With Baby Sitter


An Orange County family woke up early Friday morning to a house full of smoke. Firefighters were on the scene of the house fire on Dennis Avenue near Old Cheney Highway.

Fire investigators were talking to the homeowner and were trying to determine what actually caused the fire. Crews said the damage was concentrated to the back of the home.

Four children, between the ages of six and fifteen, were inside sleeping at the time. The parents had left the home and a baby sitter was inside when the smoke detector went off.

The kitchen was on fire.

Smoke filled the house. The children and the baby sitter ran from the house, along with one of the family dogs. A four-month-old puppy was inside his kennel and left near the front door. He died in the fire.

"There were at least two pets in the house. One was inside an animal carrier. That dog did not survive. The other apparently escaped when we made some entrances. Points of departure for our guys, incase they get into trouble. The animal self evacuated," said David Agan of Orange County Fire.

All the children were okay as well as the baby sitter. The children were staying with friends and the parent were trying to figure out what to do because they did not have insurance.