Dayton, Ohio Settles Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

DAYTON, Ohio --

We are learning more about a racial discrimination lawsuit settlement reached Thursday between the city of Dayton and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The lawsuit alleged racial discrimination in the hiring of police officers and firefighters in Dayton. At issue is the written test to become a police officer and the qualifications you must meet to become a firefighter.

Despite the agreement, Dayton City Manager Rashad Young said the city does not admit any wrongdoing when it comes to its hiring practices. But, Young said the city decided to settle the lawsuit because it would cost Dayton more in the long run to keep fighting it.

Young held a news conference Friday morning at Dayton City Hall and said city leaders have done a lot in recent years to increase the number of minorities in the police and fire department and will continue to do more.

The settlment requires Dayton to develop new selection procedures and pay $450,000 to minorities harmed by the past policy.

Young said settlement money will come from a special judgement trust fund that is set aside to handle lawsuits and will not affect any money already budgeted for public services in the community.

However, the agreement is not set in stone, a U.S. District Judge must look at the settlement and approve the conditions.