Tanker Trucks Spark Huge Washington Fire

The fire created its own weather and added to the already high winds blowing at the time of the day frustrating the firefighting efforts.

Wastewater management director Dale Arnold said Monday evening there are no immediate concerns about pollution relating to the oil that is flowing from the Whitley Fuel Depot and into the sewers. Arnold said that petroleum products are organic materials that will be broken down in the biotreatment process.

They are monitoring the situation but Arnold said that so far have not seen any significant spike the levels of petroleum products flowing into the waste treatment system. Arnold said that if there is a spike in the amount of oil flowing in the treatment system they will divert the water to storage tanks to be metered through the system.

Arnold said they will be sending crews to the fire scene Tuesday morning to check their catch basins and make sure the sludge is going through.

KXLY.com Internet Content Editor Ben Leighton contributed to this report

Republished with permission from KXLY.com