American, Iraqi Firefighters Work to Protect Baghdad Airport

A group of American and Iraqi firefighters have developed a working relationship that creates ties and also helps protect people, structures and aircraft at Baghdad International Airport.

Chief Cinquemani praised the firefighters for staying focused on their task, and doing their best to move as a team. He then explained that he is working on a project to make sure all American and Iraqi firefighters get the same self-contained breathing equipment so they can more effectively team-up while working and training together.

Chief Cinquemani's plans for additional exercises and training include scenarios that will call upon American and Iraqi firefighters as well as medical personnel from the 447th Expeditionary Medical Squadron.

"The Iraqi air force firefighters are obviously very proud of their accomplishments, and every step we take with them in training is another step towards their capability to take over all of the military emergency services activities here. Each of their accomplishments also brings them one step closer to becoming a fully independent and operational air force," chief Cinquemani said.