Chesterfield, Virginia Firefighters Save Two Dogs

Two dogs were missing during a massive house fire but Chesterfield firefighters found and rescued them both.

A peaceful neighborhood in Chesterfield County exploded into chaos as fire erupted from a home at 8918 Germont Avenue around 1020 hours on Aug 24.One person who was home self evacuated.

Responding were: Engines 17, 3, 14, 1, Medic 17, Rescue 3, RM02, TSO, Battalions 2, 4, 1.

Initial dispatch stated possible occupant in the home, but a later update confirmed the resident was out.

First on scene reported fire through the roof and the back of the home, which included a porch on fire. Heavy smoke billowed through the neighborhood.

Five inch quick connect was laid, multiple attack lines stretched and the fire fight was on. The firefighters were informed that two dogs were missing and believed to still be in the home, crews initiated a search.

Firefighters located a Beagle that was suffering from smoke inhalation and pulled him out.The lethargic dog was placed on a bed in an ambulance and given oxygen therapy.The dog began to revive and firefighters then provided water, which the dog slowly drank.

A second detail re-entered the home determined to locate the second dog. After an intense search effort which included crawling on hands and knees doing a touch and feel search the second canine was discovered.Firefighters removed the Dachshund from under a bed and discovered it also was suffering from smoke inhalation.

The Dachshund was cradled gently but firmly in the seasoned firefighter's strong hands.Oxygen therapy was adminstered to the tiny fire victim. In a few minutes the dog began to show signs of recovery and it was offered water. A tiny tongue gratefully slowly lapped up a cool drink.

The back wall of the home, the back porch and the roof sustained heavy damage.The fire is under investigation but is believed to have been started by a grill on the porch.