Funeral Held for Pennsylvania Fire Instructor

ROSCOE, Pa. --

An American flag draping from two fire trucks waved peacefully in the wind on Thursday as members of the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Company said a final farewell to one of their own.

It was all part of a fitting farewell to a man who meant so much to the community.

Sean Whiten, 47, died Saturday when he collapsed following training exercises.

Firefighters from all over the area came to say goodbye to their captain, their teacher and most importantly, their friend.

Those who knew Whiten described him as someone who died while doing something he loved -- teaching other firefighters.

"Sean was a tremendous man, a tremendous firefighter and a tremendous instructor," said Casey Perrotta, captain of the Donora Fire Department.

Perrotta said Whiten loved instructing firefighters and couldn't wait to have them in class.

"There are tremendous shoes that need to be filled and I'm not sure we can do that, but we'll do the best we can," Perrotta said.

A sign hanging from above read "lest we forget." An obvious indication that the lessons taught by Whiten will continue to live on in his students.

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