Former Maryland Firefighter Arrested for Arsons

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - Police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for intentionally setting several fires in the Jefferson, Maryland area.

Frederick County sheriff's investigators have linked Wayne Duncan to more than a dozen arson cases that date back to 1997.

In the most recent incident, he's accused of setting fire to a home while the family was still inside.

Investigators say Duncan set fire to his own home in Brunswick back in 1997. Since then, police believe he also started more than 12 fires in several dumpsters and vehicles in Frederick County.

Police say Duncan is responsible for three recent fires in the Jefferson area.

They're all within walking distance of his home.

At the end of July, H.C. Summers, Inc. went up in flames. The damages total $750,000. He's charged for that fire, as well as a barn fire on August 1st.

Just last week, police say Duncan started a fire at his neighbors' home in the middle of the night while they were asleep.

The four people in the home had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation and burns. One of their dogs didn't make it out.

As for a motive, investigators say Duncan has a fascination with fire.

"From what we've gathered from Mr. Duncan and his family, apparently when he becomes angry, that is the fuse that causes him to set these fires," said Corporal Jason West with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators couldn't say specifically what angered Duncan in each of the incidents.

They say he has been very cooperative in the investigation, and even re-created how he started the fires at each of the sites.

The family who was displaced by the fire has been released from the hospital. They are receiving assistance from the Red Cross.