Eight Ohio Firefighters Suspended


Officials in Butler Township said eight firefighters were suspended Wednesday for what are being called serious charges.

News Center 7s Jill Del Greco learned more on Wednesday afternoon about the accusations against the firefighters.

The townships administrator told Del Greco that the suspensions were because of improper use of work computers.

The suspensions came during a personnel meeting on Wednesday morning. The administrator said seven of the men allegedly improperly used a work computer, while the eighth firefighter was suspended for allegedly not telling investigators all that he knew about the situation.

Officials said they will not say what type of improper use was done.

The fire chief said he wants to assure residents of Butler Township that there is more than enough staff to handle fire calls.

Hearings for the firefighters will happen later this month. Officials said it is important to note that the charges the firefighters face are not criminal charges.

They said the firefighters did nothing illegal, but the actions were against Butler Township policy.