Parents Toss Children from Georgia Fire


Trapped by a spreading fire, parents threw their children from second floor DeKalb County apartments Friday morning.

Entire families jumped from their balconies as the fire reached their apartments at 6662 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Firefighters using ladders rescued others from third floor apartments.

Felicia Stennis was plucked from her balcony.

"When we tried to go out the front door it was so smoky and so hot we had to go to the balcony," explained Stennis. "We were trying to get off the balcony, but we're up on the third floor so it was too far."

Some residents tossed mattresses from their apartments; then dropped their children onto the soft landing spots.

Trapped by the fire, Hugo Chacon grabbed his three children one-by-one and started heaving.

"My main though was saving my kids," said Chacon. He and his wife jumped right behind the kids.

"I was so scared, then my dad and my mom came and through us out the window," said Chacon's son, Carlos Escobar.

Chacon also tossed a pet rabbit and two birds from the balcony.

No one was hurt in the fire or the daring escapes.

Fire department officials called the fire arson and offered at $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction.

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