Bees Swarm Outside Texas Restaurant


A swarm of bees has chosen a restaurant as its new home on the city's Northwest Side and firefighters said it has caused a disturbance.

Bees have built a hive outside La Madeleine Cafe at Interstate 10 and Huebner Road.

Firefighters said the bees didn't appear to be the more aggressive "Africanized" bees, but rather, honey bees.

Firefighters said people need to be aware because it is the time of year when bees begin building hives.

"Just be aware that they can be anywhere around your house in the leaves and trees," Firefighter Robert Elizando said. "They even get inside if there is an opening in your house. They can get in walls, they can get in about anywhere and build their hives."

Firefighters said no one has been hurt by the bees.

Firefighters said since the hive is on private property, the restaurant will be responsible for hiring exterminators to remove the bees.