Mississippi Mayor Wants Assistant Chief Terminated after Firefighters Commented to Media

Mayor Frank Melton said he wants to fire five Jackson firefighters who talked to the media this week about their safety concerns.

Now, the mayor says he also wants to fire the assistant fire chief.

"I'm not gonna put up with this. I don't believe in this kind of stuff, said Melton.

Strong words from Melton on Thursday Strong words Thursday from Jackson Mayor Frank Melton regarding the ongoing saga of five suspended city firemen.

The firefighters were suspended for complaining to the media about concerns for their own safety.

Melton said he also wants to terminate the assistant fire chief for speaking negatively about Jackson.

You aint gonna push Tony Davis outta nothing, said Melton.

Just hours before the mayors comments, Assistant Fire Chief Tony Davis held an impromptu news conference claiming there was a letter now circulating among City Council members, calling for his firing because of the suspension of the five firemen.

Davis said he was just enforcing city rules about talking to the media.

"If you adopt them and we carry them out, dont point the finger at us, point them at yourself, said Davis.

Davis has been very vocal since hes worked with the city of Jackson. He was once union president and won a lawsuit against the city.

Part of the settlement in that lawsuit, stipulated that Davis wouldnt work for the city again. But Melton brought him back on the force once he became mayor.

Melton wouldnt explain why he allowed Davis to return to work at the city.

City Councilman Marshand Crisler said the whole situation is proof there is a lack of strong leadership at the Jackson Fire Department.

"Because that situation is so fragile its become unstable in the sense that there is no defined leadership, said Crisler.

I wasn't hired to referee 5th grade kids. They can do that on their own time. Firefighters are hired to fight fires, not start them, said Melton.

Its not known exactly when the mayor plans to terminate the assistant fire chief and the suspended firemen.

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