Investigation: Drinking at Pennsylvania Firehouse

Darby Borough managers said Wednesday they are investigating allegations that some of their firefighters are drinking at their firehouse bar, and then going to fight fires intoxicated.

The NBC 10 Investigators Lu Ann Cahn reported that the charges come from other firefighters who said they worry that this type of behavior may lead to serious injury or even death.

Cahn reported that when they went to firefighters at Fire Patrol No. 2, some firefighters shut doors in her face, while others speed away in their cars. Others refused to answer the door or come out of the firehouse bar at Darby Borough Fire Patrol No. 2

One neighbor, who said she was a former New York City police officer, said she believes her car was slammed into by someone who had been drinking in the firehouse bar one night. The bar is legal, as it is a private club, but she said what she has seen sometimes should be stopped.

"I've never experienced anything like this," she said. "Where two or three times a week, the beer truck (is) coming up and rolling kegs down.

"I've seen them all pile out of the bar and into where the trucks are. You can see them weaving."

The chief of Darby 1, who is also the borough chief, made the allegations public. The NBC 10 Investigators obtained two letters he has written to borough officials, saying Darby Fire Patrol No. 2 operates vehicles and manpower under the influence of alcohol.

The chief wrote that, "when you add alcohol to the mix, it is a disaster waiting to happen." In another letter, he sites specific incidents.

The borough manager and solicitor said they don't know yet whether they'll consider a recommendation by the borough chief to close the firehouse.