Chesterfield Virginia Firefighters Battle Suspicious Blaze

Smoke rolled from the eaves, a passer-by noticed and called 911. In minutes Chesterfield's Bravest were on the way.

The tone sounded at 1000 hours for smoke coming from a home at the 2500 block of Berry Ridge Terrace on Nov. 6. Responding were Engines 11, 2, 3, Truck 3, TSO Lt. Steve Traylor, Medic 11 and Battalion Chief Lee Williams. Air Utility was later added to the call.

Engine 11 was first on scene and reported smoke from the eaves and the back of the house, Engine 11 was in command.

Engine 11 staged on Berry Ridge Terrace with Truck 3 staged a little behind and directly in front of the residence. Engine 3 was staged on Brambleton road at the top of the hill, Engine 2 was staged on Berry Ridge Terrace and Brambleton Roads. Medic 11 staged in front of the residence and to the left of Engine 11 and Truck 3.

Supply line was five-inch quick connect and multiple hand lines were stretched. A ladder was used as steps into the residence,and a ladder was placed at the rear of the residence for ventilation and firefighting.

Entry was made and a primary search conducted. Fire was discovered in a back bedroom and in an additional room. No occupants were found.

A quick knock down was accomplished in the operation.

Challenges included the home had numerous items stored inside which made manuevering difficult. Firefighters had to be extra cautious with the ladder serving as front steps.

Exposures included a vehicle in the front driveway and nearby homes, all were protected successfully.

The home was determined to be vacant and the cause is under investigation.