Maryland Department Helps Clean Up Spilled Milk

Landover, Md.-- The bad news is that a single vehicle crash involving an overturned 4800-gallon tanker truck occurred, injuring the driver and allowing a release of product from the tanker.

The good news is that the product leaking was unprocessed milk and the driver sustained only minor, non-life threatening injuries.

The bad news is that the released unprocessed milk product created slick road conditions and an extremely foul odor.

The good news is that firefighters, paramedics, Haz-Mat personnel and County Police worked with the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Maryland Department of the Environment to clean up the scene from this 1:00 p.m. crash on Brightseat Road at Landover Road in Landover, Md.

The unprocessed milk released from the tanker flowed down Landover Road before Haz-Mat personnel were able to contain it.