Two Flee Florida Mobile Home Blaze


Neighbors called firefighters when they saw the flames shooting out of a mobile home and heard people screaming in Seminole County. For the father and son who were inside, it was a scary wake-up call.

By the time firefighters arrived, flames were shooting from the mobile home. The tenant said when he woke up, the house was filled with smoke.

"I was sleeping. I woke up around 4 o'clock and noticed my alarm clock wasn't on. So I opened the bedroom door the check and see of the circuit breaker went out or something and that's when I noticed the room was full of smoke," said Dennis Diroff, the man who lived in the home.

Diroff desperately called out for his son in the other room. The flames were so intense, they both had to break out of a window which was bolted shut. Dennis had severe cuts on his hands and wrists, while his son also had cuts from the broken glass.

Firefighters said the fire started because of a hibachi grill that was left on overnight. Diroff can't believe it.

"We were using that at seven o'clock in the evening. He walked past it at 2:30 and it wasn't going," Diroff said.

The mobile home wasn't insured. Diroff said he's just glad he and his son got out alive.

The Red Cross was on the scene Friday morning, walking through the remains of the home and will be helping the father and son find a place to stay.