Florida Brush Fire Threatens Homes

A fast-moving fire that burned through several lots of dry brush, jumped nearby streets and came dangerously close to surrounding apartment buildings was under control Sunday afternoon, fire officials told Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

The wind-driven brush fire was first spotted just after 1:30 p.m. on Agora Circle, a heavily-wooded residential area just east of Babcock Street and south of Malabar Road.

Several fire crews helped Palm Bay Fire-Rescue tackle the blaze within minutes, including the Malabar Fire Department, Brevard County Fire-Rescue and firefighters from the Melbourne Fire Department.

"The concern was the high winds," said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for Palm Bay Fire-Rescue.

"It's under control now and firefighters are mopping it up. The fire jumped two or three streets but they sent in the calvary."

Palm Bay police blocked off several roads leading into the area as residents stood outside and watched as smoke and burning embers floated overhead.

Firefighters, pulling hoses, and covered in protective gear, also sprayed the flames as the fire marched dangerously close to a duplex on the 2600 block of Agora.

Across the street, firefighters and police ordered residents at one apartment complex to evacuate as the fire licked through nearby pines, with flames peaking 40 feet in the air.

"I'm just waiting to see if it comes this way so I can evacuate," said Peter Hepburn, a 50-year-old resident who lives in the nearby Rosemont Apartment complex on Thor.

"They look like they pretty much have it under control."

The mop up of a fast moving brush fire was still under way at 3:15 p.m. as Palm Bay Fire Chief Larry Hellmann credited a quick response for no structures being lost.

"The main thing, due to weather conditions being dry and windy, is to get people out of there and off the roads and get to fighting the fire as soon as possible," he said.

"It was pretty serious for a while when it jumped Agora Circle," Hellmann said.

It was not immediately known how the fire started.

It was not immediately known how the fire started.

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