Texas Man Doused with Gas, Set on Fire

A family is looking for answers as a man fights for his life in a Dallas hospital after being doused with gasoline and set on fire.

Francisco "Paco" Ramirez is in critical condition at Parkland Hospital, and his family told NBC 5 that he is burned over 75 percent of his body and that he was badly beaten.

The family believes that what happened to the father of two was no accident, but instead a vicious act of violence.

Gloria Igleta describes her son-in-law as a gentle person and has no idea why anyone would want to hurt him. Igleta told NBC 5 that visiting Ramirez in the hospital is a sight she will never forget.

"He got burned all over his body ... legs, arms, the side of his face. I mean, he's burned real bad. He was beat up all over his lips and everything ... I hope somebody who would at least know about it would let us know, 'cause the police has no record of it. How could they do that," said Igleta.

Dallas firefighters found Ramirez after responding to a call just before 9 p.m. Monday near Fuel City off Industrial Boulevard.

The incident initially was never reported to the Dallas Police Department and Ramirez's family only found out about the incident because he was able to give doctors at Parkland his name.

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