2005 National Run Survey

For the 25th year, the career fire service takes to the pages of the Firehouse® Magazine to share and compare statistics about company and department activity levels, funding, staffing and pay. A total of 305 fire departments took part in this year’s survey, representing 48 states, the District of Columbia and five Canadian provinces.

The departments represented in this latest survey protect 85,407,604 people, and they have budgets totaling more than $11 billion (budgets are listed in millions of dollars). They provide this service with 4,288 engine companies, 1,461 ladder companies, 1,910 ambulances and numerous other specialized units. They responded to 1,911,007 fire calls, 7,404,624 EMS calls and 11,174,675 total calls last year.

Part 1 of this survey features fire department profiles and total calls for 2005. Other categories will be featured in coming issues.

Our sincere thanks go to each participating fire department. If your department does not appear this year, we invite you to request a survey form next year or download it from www.firehouse.com/magazine/survey/forms.


2005 National Run Survey: Fire Department Profiles