Jacksonville Family, Bible Survive House Blaze

Seven people who managed to escape their burning house on Friday credit God with saving their lives.

The family was asleep when the fire started. Roland Nolan woke up, smelled smoke, and started waking the rest of the family.

"I had my brother wake me up and told me the house was on fire," Luke Nolan said.

Luke and his wife, Angela Nolan, went through the house and got everybody up.

"When I got them to their room, the smoke was just come up the ceiling. It scared me," Angela Nolan said about her children. "But we're all OK. That's the best thing."

The grandmother was trapped in her room, so Roland Nolan threw a table through the window to get her out.

"It was pretty frightening, with all that hot fire," he told Channel 4's Emily Pantelides.


"Inside the house, it's just all black smut and horrible smell," Luke Nolan said. "It's just burnt memories, really."

While the Nolan's home was a complete loss, one item survived: the family Bibles.

"The good Lord was looking out for us, and we are here for a reason right now," Luke Nolan said. "We all still got each other."

Firefighters are investigating what started the fire.

The Red Cross gave the Nolan family a place to stay for three nights, and they are now looking for a new place to stay.

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