Central Florida Fire Crews Monitor Wildfire Hotspots

It will be another long day for fire crews as they work to keep a close eye on wildfire hotspots around Central Florida.

Five more brush trucks were in Malabar, in Brevard County, watching the remnants of a 100-acre fire that actually started on Monday. But the flames jumped a fire line on Tuesday and spread. The wildfire threatened 15 homes.

"I was worried about my house, back of the wind. I was thinking my house was going," said resident Arturo Contraras.

A propane tank exploded when the flames burned a shed.

Fire crews will also monitor the remnants of a wildfire near Titusville. The fire burned for two days near State Road 50 and torched about 1,200 acres.

Tuesday, forestry experts checked the scene from the air, and determined the fire was completely contained. Wednesday, fire crews want to make certain that the embers don't jump State Road 50 and start a new fire.

In Volusia County, investigators believe someone accidentally started a wildfire south of State Road 44. They were checking reports that it may have been illegally burning brush and the fire got out of control.

That fire consumed 25 acres and one neighborhood had to be temporarily evacuated.

"Our county is very dry, windy conditions. It's not surprising to have an evacuation as a precautionary measure just to make sure residents are out of harm's way," said Shelly Szafranic, Volusia County spokesperson.

The person responsible could face a $500 fine, plus the cost of dispatching firefighters to the area. That area has been under a burn ban for several weeks.

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