Cade Confirmed to Head USFA

The man selected by President Bush to head the U.S. Fire Administration has been confirmed to the position by the U.S. Senate.

Virginia Beach Fire Chief Greg Cade has said it's an honor to be the President's choice. "What a highlight, to be the nation's fire chief."

Cade, 56, rose through the ranks to battalion chief in Prince George's County. He led the fire department in Hampton, Va. for six years before moving to the helm in Virginia Beach.

"I am bringing street level experiences to the federal level," he said, adding that he has been involved in a number of national initiatives through organizations such as the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Cade considers himself an advocate for firefighter training and safety, and will carry that message to Capitol Hill. His departments have always promoted the life safety initiatives of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

He said his relationships with other Presidential appointees, including his predecessor, R. David Paulison, will assist him as he advocates the fire service agenda. "I'm excited about the opportunity to work with Secretary Chertoff, George Foresman and Dave Paulison."

Cade said he's no stranger to natural disasters, and worked with FEMA officials in the past. Just 26 days after he arrived in Virginia Beach, Hurricane Bonnie made an unwelcome visit.

After Katrina, Cade spent time assisting the New Orleans Fire Department with various issues.

He will draw from those experiences as he stands ready to take another white helmet, as the USFA chief.

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