Fire Evacuates Milwaukee Elementary School


Students were evacuated from an elementary school on Milwaukee's north side Wednesday morning because of a fire.

The small fire started just before lunchtime in Franklin Elementary School's second-floor learning center.

By the time firefighters got on the scene, all of the students were safely on the playground.

The fire department and school said that shows the importance of fire drills.

"They got out orderly. The teachers were able to report to the principal, who came to us (and said), 'Yes, everybody is out and taken care of,'" Milwaukee Fire Department Lt. Brian O'Connor said.

The students who weren't immediately picked up were taken by bus to North Division High School. Relatives were relieved to find everyone safe and sound.

"So much happens nowadays, you can't get the kids out, and a lot of them die from smoke inhalation. I was thinking about my nieces and nephew," students' aunt Bobbie Spain said.

One firefighter was slightly injured. He cut his wrist on a piece of glass and is expected to be OK, 12 News reporter Brendan Conway said.

Investigators said they still don't know the exact cause, but they said it started in some boxes of paper.

Classes have been moved to North Division for the rest of the school year because the school is in such bad shape, but students should still report to Franklin. They will be bused from there to North Division High School and back.