Southern California Firefighters Tackle Marina Fire

An early-morning fire destroyed five boats and damaged two others near Seaport Village, 10News reported.

Most of the destroyed and damaged boats have been removed from the marina, but the fire caused $5 million in damage.

Flames lit up the marina sky around 2:30 a.m. Monday, starting on one boat and quickly spreading to others.

"It's a sight I won't forget, but you get out and go, 'Geez, now what do I do?'" said boat owner Kay Mapes.

Mapes was sleeping on her boat when she saw the flames.

Her vessel was not damaged, but seven others were -- five of them a total loss.

Firefighters don't believe the fire was intentionally set. They say it was electrical, starting in a circuit box.

By late morning, the boat where the fire started sank, and crews quickly worked to keep another from going under.

Workers used sorbent pads to clean oil and fuel out of the bay.

"The pollutant levels were pretty high. I've got it all over me. It's fiberglass, fuel, ash -- an environmental hazard," said Robert Butler, with Vessel Assist.

Hazmat crews also placed buoys in the water to keep debris from floating into the bay.

A few hours later, one by one the company known as the AAA on water, Vessel Assist, towed the burned boats out of the bay.

"I feel sorry for the people. They had a lot of personal belongings on some of the boats. I'm sure they're just attached to it," said boat owner Randall Bremer.

No one was injured in the fire.

The winds were calm when the fire happened. Had they not been, firefighters say more boats could have been damaged.

When fiberglass catches fire, it becomes very intense.

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