100 El Paso Firefighters Needed To Fight Blaze

It takes almost 100 fire fighters to take control of a blaze at an abandoned building.

Fire officials, don't have a cause yet, but they say the origin is the basement of the home on the corner of Mountain and Partello.

At first, smoke billowed from the windows and the top of this home on Mountain and Partello.

"When I walked out there was a lot of smoke coming out," said nearby neighbor Jerry Barrera.

Fire officials say this is not the first fire at this home.

"We have reports from numerous fires that floor is unstable. We're not risking sending anyone in there," said Deputy Chief J.R. Renteria with the El Paso Fire Department.

That makes it very difficult for fire fighters to control the blaze. They take a defensive strategy and attack from all sides and even the air.

Fire inspectors are still looking for the cause of the fire.

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