Detroit Fire Crews Encounter Hydrant Problem

Detroit firefighters had a difficult time battling a house fire Tuesday morning because of a hydrant problem.

Crews responded to the fire near Tyler Street and Petoskey Street on Detroit's west side. Upon arrival, crews rushed to the hydrant, which was directly in front of the home, to put out the flames, Local 4 reported.

The hydrant, along with five others, did not have adequate water pressure, causing crews to go around the block and down the street for water, Local 4 reported.

It took a long time to handle the blaze, but homeowners got out safe.

The cause of the hydrant problem is not known, however, about two weeks ago there was a water main break on Tyler Street, and family members believe that had something to do with the water pressure, according to the station's reports.

"They have nothing now, nothing. They walked out in their under clothes, all because there was no water in the hydrant," said Cierra Cooper, homeowner's granddaughter.

The house could not be saved, but fire crews were able to salvage a coin collection and box of jewelry.

The family is grateful and say the firefighters did their job.

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