Crews Carry Hoses Up Ladder To Fight Florida Fire

Nearly 60 Boca Raton residents were sent fleeing from their homes Wednesday when a fire ripped through their condominium complex.

As WPBF News 25's Cathleen O'Toole reported, the fire broke out on the roof of the Century Village building and spread across several units, ruining the Passover holiday for dozens of residents.

Officials said flames blocked access to the roof of the building, where some roofing work was being done. The building did not have built-in hoses on each floor, so crews had to carry their heavy hoses up a ladder instead, O'Toole reported.

Witness David Benmen said he had traveled to Boca Raton from New York to attend his grandfather's Passover Seder. He said he made sure his younger sister and grandmother got out.

In all, between 50 and 60 people were evacuated to the condo community's clubhouse. On Thursday, many were still wondering exactly when they would be allowed to return.

Several units were damaged by smoke and water. Authorities said water from the fourth floor had already begun seeping through the walls after firefighters arrived.

Officials said at least 24 condos might be ruled off-limits to their owners.

Investigators did not immediately say what caused the fire.

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