Florida Man Crashes Into Station, Strikes Pedestrians

Firefighters said an incoherent man pulled into a Pompano Beach fire station Tuesday afternoon, running into the side of the building -- and they later found out he had just struck two pedestrians.

While firefighters were trying to help the man, who they said was not making sense when he was talking, a call came in that two pedestrians had been struck nearby at 223 Pompano Beach Blvd.

Investigators said that the men, who are in their 60s, were crossing the street near the Pompano Beach Pier.

One of the men who was struck is in critical condition. The other is in serious condition. Both are at North Broward Medical Center, along with the driver of the car.

The driver who is a diabetic, he told firefighters he blacked out while driving.

No charges have been filed in the accident.

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