Some of New York's Bravest Back Home After Helping Katrina Survivors

(Kennedy Airport-WABC, September 16, 2005) - A crew of exhausted New York City firefighters is home this morning after a grueling week in the Gulf. They were assisting in the massive rescue and relief efforts with Hurricane Katrina.

Eyewitness News' Lisa Colagrossi has the story.

Hurricane Katrina's devastation meant double duty for nearly 400 New York City firefighters. 130 made an emotional return from New Orleans late last night, with family members eager to welcome them home. Also back in New York "The Spirit of Louisiana" the fire truck given to the FDNY. Firefighters brought it to New Orleans as part of the massive the relief effort.

George Maier, FDNY: "we went right to work. We were 30 hours on the road and we wanted to find out exactly from the New Orleans fire department what they needed"

What they needed last week was New York City expertise in fighting fires when several homes went up in flames homes that were packed together like a crowded Queens neighborhood.

As the New Orleans fire department put it, they let the FDNY take over. They worked around the clock, always in dangerous conditions and the job is far from over.

George Maier, FDNY: "Our firefighters were quite in the thick of it with New Orleans firefighters."

George Maier, FDNY: "There were bonds that were made with those folks that will last a lifetime."

Another group of New York's Bravest will return home tomorrow.

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